"An impressive, original EP. We will feature 'Love Vibration' by Extra Love this sunday on bbc 1Xtra and subsequently we will also feature '500 Years'".  

The next new artist to be added to the site is the ... "Extra Love" band. Their sound is deep and dubby, with an excellent horn section keeping things rolling but they are also adept at switching things up and bringing extra sounds and textures into their music.

Extra Love. Professional, flexible and guaranteed to love up the party every time!

We deliberately left the best for last with Extra Love headlining our Stumblefunk dance tent extravaganza at Beatherder this year, an amazing bunch of funky reggae master musicians who bring passion, personality and positive vibes to any stage. Quality songs, great interplay between the members and the crowd set all faces firmly smiling for weeks

Extra Love are Vibes, Vibes and more vibes. They never fail to impress on levels of energy and stage presence. With a massive live following and tunes to back this up they get any dance skanking big time

Extra love are one of the mansions favourite acts. They are an act that has stolen the show from massive headliners and on top of this have sealed their status as Manchester Music legends by hosting a number of phenomenal nights themselves. They have offered nothing but 100% in their performances and creative attitude. Definitely one I watch as one of Manchester's top bands at this moment and for a long time to come. As well as this they are lovely people and all would you believe it.




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